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Look into my eyes

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If you're here to find something profound, I may disappoint you. This is just a few tidbits about my life, my past, my desires, and not much, if any, is profound. But it's certainly not normal either.

I'm a horrid speller and I ain't too good at grammar neither! Occasionally, I rant and rave and use words my mother would not be proud of. I'm single, gay and work my butt off to support two wonderful kids. I lead a thrill-seeking life and am always looking for new and fun things to do. My journal is not filtered or blocked so what you see is what you get.

I grew up in Minnesota in a typical middle class family. It was totally dysfunctional and my father was an alcoholic. That's typical, yes? I have two older sisters that I dearly love and a younger brother whom I despise. All and all, I'm thankful... my father showed me the kind of father that I did not want to become and my brother provided the example of a despicable nasty human being. I learned a lot from them, so it's all good. I am still a work in progress. No better, no worse than you. A spiritual being having a human experience.

At age 8, I was shipped off to Military School because I was "hard to handle and strong willed." I didn't always pick up my room and do what I was told. I still don't, and as much as they tried to rid my inner child, it's still intact, albeit a little bruised. The school has since shed its military status and is actually a pretty good school. Today, I could care less if my kids rooms are messy because there are far more important things in life!

I love lakes and the outdoors and am the kind of guy who will not let the weather slow me down, or anything else for that matter. There is nothing wrong with being out in the rain or catching a falling snow flake with your tongue. In fact, in my world, it's encouraged. I started my first job at 15. At 18 I left home and moved to Jackson, WY so I could ski all winter. It paid off, because skiing every day at the biggest baddest ski area in the US will make anyone a better skier. For me it led to a career as a freestyle skiing competitor and later coach. It also led to my "dream job" at Rossignol Ski Co., which allowed me an opportunity to travel throughout the US and Europe. A brief stint as International Director of the US Freestyle Ski Team was my downfall as I watched but could not prevent a competitor who grew up in a penthouse on 5th Ave in New York, $buy$ her way onto the team. Actually, daddy did. Knowing how hard top competitors work at their sport and the commitment and sacrifice they make, what she did was disgusting, so I quit. Rarely do I use the word bitch... but the whole experience taught me so much about life, politics and high level competition. And because of it, I learned there were some things in life that I would not do... or be part of. There was indeed a line drawn in the sand, and as much as I hate what she did, I thank her for educating me. A year later she was gone and I was back working with the US Ski Team and the International Olympic Committee. Wow, what an experience that was, and we accomplished so much. Perhaps I'll write about it someday but don't hold your breath.

During my early twenties, (I'm old and ugly now) I had a lot of fun working as a part-time fashion and print model for Eleanor Moore Model and Talent Agency It was fun and I enjoyed it but they are distant memories of a former life. I learned a lot about photography and fashion, for which I'm thankful because the color coordinating gene was not passed down by my parents and it's a constant struggle. If you want to model or grow old gracefully, Fred's beauty tip - don't smoke, exercise often, run if you can, use coffee/caffeine sparingly, use sun screen and water based moisturizer, and if you can, sleep upside down. Want white teeth? Don't waste your money on all those store bought remedies, just gargle with a mixture of 50% hydrogen peroxide and %50 warm water for 2 minutes in the morning and again before bed, rinse with water. Also, invest in a Sonicare toothbrush and consider brushing with baking soda before bed.

After my competitive skiing days, I settled down and started a building and remodeling business which grew into a business that built custom homes. As the business grew, I lost my life as I once knew it. I had no time for myself, I worked all the time, I was raising two kids but hired a nanny to do it for me, the business phone would ring at 10 PM on Friday night and I would answer it. That all changed when I looked in the mirror one day and said no more! That's all history now and my kids come first, me second, business third. Now I'm a consultant specializing in residential construction defects. Basically, I help people understand what may have caused a defect in their home and recommend options for repair. The nature of my work often requires me to work closely with attorneys as an expert witness, which I enjoy. Working with some attorneys can be truly amazing, and I've learned to be very careful of what I say. I can say one thing to a room full of attorneys, but they will each "hear" something totally different to fit whatever side of the case they are on! Keeps me on my toes.

Though most of my time is spent working and being with my kids, I also volunteer with a few nonprofit organizations and enjoy many sports and hobbies. I can still ski almost anywhere and prefer steep and deep. And I play at being a photojournalist and enjoy making documentaries and PSA's.

I've been fortunate to have found a few beautiful and breathtaking places on Earth, my fav's include the Grand Teton's in western Wyoming and Chamonix, France. It's a ski thing and I'm a mountain man at heart! My home away from home is my lake cabin in central MN, it's where I go as often as I can to escape the real world. Are you looking for 400' of pristine wooded lake shore just 2 hrs from the TwinCities? I'm selling a little of the land. email me!

More important than all of that, I have been blessed with the opportunity to share my life with two very special and wonderful kids. They are the light of my life and I am so proud of them! And yes, contrary to popular belief, some gay men do raise kids. Actually, many do! A.. is away at Iowa State and has learned to love a good party but still manages to maintain a 3.5! You are awesome, babe! J.. is a fascinating young man who is just coming into his own. He hasn't quite figured out where he's going but he sure can't wait to get there. I love you both so much! Update: A.. graduated 2 yrs ago and J now attends Montana State in Bozeman.

My kids have taught me what unconditional love is and what it feels like. And that makes me the luckiest man on Earth!

So did you read all that? Really?

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